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Price List.

Nail Enhancements

Nails can be worn with Colour, French, Natural, Glitter or in anyway you can imagine! Wear them long and dramatic, short and manageable or anything in between. Nail enhancements must be maintained every 2-3weeks to ensure your natural nails stay in great condition.

Full Set – Tips or sculpted from £30.00

In Fills inc. £1.00 per repair £17.00

Gloss and Tidy £10.00

Shellac finish £5.00

Individual Nail Repair £2.00

Removal And Condition £10.00

Nail Enhancements must always be removed professionally ensuring your nails are left healthy and in condition.

Finishing Touches. 

Add a little something to your nail service with some bespoke nail art. Shimmering glitters, Genuine Swarovski Crystals and stunning designs can be the ultimate finish.

Nail Art per nail From £1.00

Swarovski Crystals 50p per stone

Swarovski Crystals full name coverage £5.00 per nail

Natural Nail Care


CND shellac is the worlds no.1 nail service, giving you 14 days of beautiful colour with mirror shine and zero drying time.

Shellac Manicure £20.00

Shellac removal is complimentary when it has been applied at nail couture.


What is IBX? Its an intensive strengthening treatment which works by building up strength and durability from inside the layers of the nail. It’s is a must have treatment for anyone with weak, damaged nails and is the perfect partner for Shellac.

IBX Manicure £20.00

IBX Shellac £28.00

Foot Care.

A pedicure every 4-6 weeks isn’t just about relaxing it’s good grooming. If you want beautiful feet you can show off all year round a regular pedicure is the answer.

The Quicki £14.00

The Posh Pedi £25.00

Callus Peel 

Callus Peel is a 4 step treatment for intensively dry, calluses feet and cracked heels. It is a quick, safe treatment which leaves your feet in amazing condition.

Callus Peel £22.00

Calus Peel Pedicure £35.00

Add a Shellac finish to any foot care service for £7.00

PLEASE NOTE: Late arrival & Cancellation Policy

At Nail Couture we value your time and do our best to maintain our on-time schedule for all clients. To help us do that please ensure you arrive on time.  This will allow us to provide the best service for all our clients.  Please also allow 24 hours notice for all cancellations.  If you arrive out-with your scheduled time, we may ask you to reschedule your treatment.  However, we will do our best to accommodate your treatment where possible.